New Ampeg Video: ASF-2 Footswitch and Rocket Bass RB-112

In this new video, Ampeg Brand Marketing Manager Dino Monoxelos gives a walk-through of the Ampeg AFS2 Footswitch, including a demo with the Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-112.

The new Ampeg AFS2 Footswitch is a 2-button metal latching footswitch for use with any SVT head or Rocket Bass/BA combo amp featuring switchable functions, such as Mute, EQ, and SGT* on/off—allowing you to control any two.

The rugged AFS2 is truly roadworthy and comes packaged with a ten-foot right-angle/straight-connector TRS cable.

*SGT on/off is accessed by the left button only. The right button is inoperable for Rocket Bass amps